Water-wheel axle (before vegetation clearance)

Bronfloyd Mine (SN 659 835)
In 2007 the Trust commenced work at Bronfloyd Mine. This mine has the best collection of metal remains of any in Mid Wales. Because of its remote location and being in a steep valley it escaped the ravages of the scrap men over the years. Several tram-wagon bodies are scattered around the site and the axles and spokes of three water-wheels remain.
Our first job was to survey the site, record the remains and their condition and to clear the vegetation, undergrowth and remove some trees that were damaging the masonry remains.
The Trust received funding from Ceredigion County Council’s “PLWM” Project and CADW to restore some of the walls of the crusher-house, which were in danger of imminent collapse. Archaeological excavations have been carried out as and when time permits in association with the Early Mines Research Group.
Pictures from Bronfloyd Mine

You can view more pictures taken during the survey of the mine in 2007 on the Bronfloyd Mine Photo Archive page here.

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