Catherine and Jane Consols Mine

The stream flowing in to the wheel-pit

Catherine and Jane Consols Mine

In 2003 at the suggestion of David Bick the Trust carried out a “rescue project” at Catherine & Jane Consols mine. The 35 foot Bigland’s wheel-pit was being eroded by a stream that had made its course into and through the wheel-pit over the years since the mine closed. We diverted the stream away from the wheel-pit.

Over the next two summers we carried out vegetation clearance, followed by a survey and minor archaeological investigations, when several interesting features were discovered.

I must thank Tilhill Forestry for their permission to carry out our work at the mine.
In October 2007 the Trust held an exchange weekend with the Ffestiniog Railway Heritage Group. The mine had its own siding connecting with the railway. The first day they entertained us at the Ffestiniog Railway, including a behind the scenes tour and a trip on the Railway and on the second day we gave them a tour of the mine.


Pictures of Catherine and Jane Consols Mine restoration and exchange weekend