Cwmbyr Mine (SN 786 947)

In 2010 we began our work at Cwmbyr, a previous visit had shown that there were some interesting wooden artefacts visible on the surface. We have spent working weekends there each year since. The mine has the best preserved wooden remains of any mine in Mid Wales, we have excavated two buddles, one still has a complete wooden deck; a small wheel-pit with the bottom half of the wheel still in situ; wooden settling boxes, launders and the base of a jigger. We have also excavated the floor of the Winding House alongside the Crusher wheel-pit and the blacksmiths shop.

Read an April 2017 report about our progress at the mine here.

We are most grateful to the landowner Huw Denman for allowing us access.

Deri Jones has compiled a panoramic survey of Cwmbyr Mine. Click here to view it.

Screen shot of Deri Jones' panoramic survey of Cwmbyr Mine.

Screen shot of Deri Jones’ panoramic survey of Cwmbyr Mine.