George W. Hall’s Index to The Mining Journal

We are pleased to publish, by kind permission of the late George Hall’s family and executors, a digital version of his Index to the Mining Journal (Wales and Shropshire, 1835–1921). The information has been collected from the author’s manuscript sheets, notes, correspondence and file cards, and edited with the help of contributions from several members of the Trust.

This document can be zoomed or viewed as a fullscreen by using the buttons at the bottom of the window, but it is not possible to download or copy any part of the document. Full copyright rights are reserved.

It is inevitable that the work in its present form should contain errors and omissions. We welcome corrections, and we welcome notifications of any faults which you find. To post a correction please leave a reply in the ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of this page. Revised versions of the file will be published as and when they become necessary. Contributors are asked to bear in mind the considerations described on p. iii of the editor’s preface

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