Nant Syddion Mine

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Nant Syddion Mine (SN 773 790)

2nd Ed 6 inch OS Map. People’s Collection Wales.

2nd Ed 6 inch OS Map. People’s Collection Wales.

There is a very tragic story about Nant Syddion that is well worth telling here. In 1856 the Hughes family, Isaac and his wife Margaret, their 5 year old son Hugh and 3 year old daughter Hannah were living at Nant Syddion. On February 17th there must have been great joy when Margaret gave birth to quadruplets Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine and Isaac; it is reported that they were the first recorded quads born in Wales.

But the joy was not to last, Margaret and Catherine died on the day they were born, Elizabeth died on the 21st and Isaac died on the 22nd. If that was not tragic enough on March 1st their 5 year old son Hugh died, on the 6th the father Isaac died and then on the 10th 3 year old Hannah the last child died. Their graves can be found at St John’s Church, Ysbytty Cynfyn, just under 1½ miles to the west. The cause of their death is not recorded but it has been suggested it was due to a smallpox epidemic.

Margaret does not have a grave at St John’s, so we must assume that she survived and moved away.

The story of the quads can be read here.

The farmhouse at Nant Syddion still stands, it is now in use as a Mountain Bothy, see Mountain Bothies Association website.

The adit at the mine is about 50 yards to the south; it passes under the forestry track. The site was visited during the 2006 WMPT Heritage Weekend.

Nant Syddion Mine 1999

Nant Syddion Mine 2006