Tabernacle Baptist Chapel at Cwmsymlog

Work completed

Tabernacle Baptist Chapel at Cwmsymlog
In 2006 we held two working weekends at the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel at Cwmsymlog. Over the years it had become neglected and looked uncared for. So we decided with the blessing of the Chapel Committee to tidy it up. This is the last resting place of several men who worked at the mine. We did hope that our labours would encourage local residents to take on the upkeep but sadly this has not been the case.
Our work was appreciated by the Chapel Committee, I received the following letter of thanks from Mrs Griffiths:-
“Thank you so very much for your letter and photographs of Cwmsymlog. My mother, husband David and I visited the graveyard on Bank Holiday Monday to place flowers on family graves ‑ and we couldn’t believe our eyes how the place had changed! We could actually see the path and walk amongst the graves.
We hadn’t realised that you had been there the first weekend in April ‑ I’m so sorry to have missed you all, and the opportunity to thank your team for such a fantastic job. You have all worked extremely hard and we (the Chapel Committee) and myself personally can’t thank you enough for what you have done. It’s so heart warming to know that people like you exist and that you are so ready to help in projects such as these. My mother shed a tear or two when she saw how wonderful the cemetery looked and wants to convey her sincerest thanks to you all.
Once again Mr. Levins, thank you for keeping the Spirit of the Miners alive.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern and your hard work. Diolch yn fawr and God Bless you all.”
Receiving a letter such as this, makes it all worthwhile.
In addition to Mrs Griffiths and the Chapel Committee, the Trust is grateful to Mrs Pat Walker from the Trefeurig Parish Council for their assistance with this project.
You can find out about our heritage weekend at Cwmsymlog in May, 2013 here.
Pictures of our work in the graveyard at Tabernacle Baptist Chapel