Ystrad Einion


Ystrad Einion Mine (SN 706 938) 

In 2009 we conducted a survey of this mine and some underground features, to provide information to the Royal Commission for Ancient Monument in Wales (RCHAMW) to make a reconstructive video of the mine and provide information for interpretation boards. This project was funded by Ceredigion County Council’s “PLWM” Project.

You can view some of our pictures from the mine here and view the video below.

Deri Jones has carried out a laser survey of the waterwheel. You can view a video of his results below, and find more of his laser scans here.

The Trust also carried out vegetation clearance at the mine to open up pathways through the mine site, so visitors can access. In 2012 we held a Heritage Weekend at the mine, to celebrate the launch of the video.